Shaving Heads Philips HQ9

Price with discount: R 482,46
Sales price without tax: R 482,46
Tax amount: R 67,54
Sales price: R 550,00


Philips Shaving Head 3pack (HQ9)

-Philips Original replacement blades.

-Comfortably close
-Super Lift & Cut shaving technology with dual blade system
-Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck
-Reflex Action system
-A fast and close shave
-Speed-XL shaving heads for a fast and close shave
-Shaves even the shortest stubble
-Precision Cutting System

-Every year your blades travel the height of Mt. Everest... 49 times! After such a workout, even
the best materials can lose their edge. Retain your shaver's peak performance - replace
heads every 12 months.

Works With:
HQ8100    HQ9020
HQ8140    HQ9070
HQ8150    HQ9080
HQ8160    HQ9090
HQ8170    HQ9100
HQ9140  HQ9160
HQ9170  HQ9190

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