Forget about the mess in the kitchen with this easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe cookware set. The Leopard 21-piece Cookware Set is suitable for electric stoves, gas stoves, glass-ceramic stove tops, and halogen burners. With the 11-layered bottom with heat conduction the food warms quickly and heat is retained well.

The Grips
The open ergonomic construction of the polished grips contributes to a superior, firmer grip. In addition, they do not get hot and can be used as a support for the lid to catch the condensation drops.

The Lid
The lid has a thickness of 1mm and it is constructed to seal the cooking utensil perfectly to guarantee optimum cooking. The condensation rim collects the damp hot air and builds a thin vapour seal between the cooking pot and the lid, which seals the utensil. This means there’s no evaporation so that the valuable nutrients are preserved and the food cooks in its own juices.

11-Layered bottom with heat conduction
Food warms quickly and retains heat well
Suitable for all cooking sources: Electric and gas stove, glass-ceramic stove or halogen burners
Healthy preparation of food, cooking with little water and frying with little fat minimizes loss of vitamins, mineral and flavour
Practical pouring rim prevents dripping
Handles will not heat up
Easy to clean

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