DW9000M Dish washer with WaterWall™


Revolutionary washRemove stubborn foodAutomatically dries


2716 ℓ

Water Annual consumption

44 dBA

Noise level (dBA)

53 kg

Net Weight

Revolutionary wash


WaterWall™ technology cleans every dish in every corner, without wasting time or water on pre-rinsing. It provides a revolutionary cleaning performance by creating a sweeping wall of high pressure water that covers the hard to reach places in the bottom rack, where you often put the dirtiest dish.

Revolutionary wash

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Remove stubborn food

Zone Booster™

The Zone Booster™ area removes stubborn leftover food effectively. Unlike conventional dishwashers, it’s the industry’s widest targeted cleaning zone with 5 nozzles on the left, as well as 3 more on the right. So it gets rid of stuck-on remains and cleans really dirty dishes in a single wash.

Remove stubborn food

*The Products in the video may vary by region

Automatically dries

Air Flow Drying with Auto Open

Enjoy sparkling clean dishes every time with the Air Flow Drying with Auto Open feature. At the end of a cycle the door automatically opens to allow steam to escape, giving you better drying results. A fan on the top also creates a protective curtain of air to ensure that your worktop isn’t damaged.

Automatically dries

Fast 55 minute wash & dry

Daily 55™ Cycle

A 55″ Daily Cycle saves you time by getting your dishes clean and dry much faster. It’s ideal for smaller loads of lightly soiled items that don’t need really intensive cleaning, such as cups and cutlery, as it will put them through a complete washing and drying cycle within just 55 minutes.

Fast 55 minute wash & dry

Easy to load/unload

Easy Load Racking System

An Easy Load Racking System makes it easy to load and unload all sizes of dishes. The tines in the lower rack can fully folded down to make space for large items. And its newly designed wheels move more easily and comfortably. Its height adjustable upper rack can also be quickly raised up or down.

Easy to load/unload

Seamlessly stylish

Premium Design

Premium styling that fits seamlessly with your kitchen furniture to enhance your home with a harmonious and modern appearance. Its recessed handle gives the front a clean and flush appearance and, because there is no handle protruding out, it also makes it easier to move around the kitchen.

Seamlessly stylish
  • 24″Size
  • 2716 ℓWater Annual consumption
  • 44 dBANoise level (dBA)
  • 53 kgNet Weight
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